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siteSifter is a quality assurance tool designed to aid developers, managers and decision–makers in ensuring that their organisation’s website meets the highest of standards.

Running as an Internet Application, hosted on Greytower’s dedicated servers, siteSifter is a low maintenance tool for your organisation’s IT department. Server management, software upgrades, security fixes, and data backup is all handled by Greytower staff without the need for changes to your systems — simply subscribe, and we’ll do the rest!

Supporting multiple test suites, multiple report formats, themes and fully customizable templates, the siteSifter Web Application offers unprecedented flexibility in designing reports and user interfaces tailored specifically to your way of working — choose a built–in theme, baseline, or report - or ask us to create a unique one especially for you!

The reports that siteSifter can produce are as flexible as the user interface, and can be tailored to fit perfectly with your needs and your tools — whether it is XML, CSV, or HTML you require, we can provide.

Please contact us for more information on how siteSifter can help your business. A free quote is available on request.

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Thu Jul 12 09:33:33 2012: This week we release revision 2.11 (a1) of siteSifter Journal. The update is immediately available to all users …
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